welcome to ingsu international logistics co.,ltd.
INGSU LOGISTICS company was established in 2014.
INGSU logistics company is a professional international logistics and transportation service company and dedicated to Southeast Asian logistics & transportation.
INGSU logistics company can transportation from China to Myanmar-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore-Philippines by land transportation/express/air/sea and pay duty charges / customs clearance / door to door services.
The customers only need to provide packing lists and invoices, and we will handle export customs declaration in China and customs clearance services at the destination.
1/ If the all-inclusive customer only needs to provide a packing list and invoice, the rest of the documents will be handled by our company. This transportation service is cheap, convenient, fast, and safe to operate.
so customers don't  worry about customs clearance & customs duties and delivery services in Southeast Asian countries (The quote already includes all fees and services).
2/ If the buyer (importer) needs to go to the customs for customs clearance and pay customs duties by himself, he needs to provide the buyer's import customs clearance documents.
All of our quotation items already include document fee, customs clearance fee, customs duty and destination fee. The cargoes will be delivered to the customer's address by ingsu logistics company.
- cargo consolidation and LCL & FCL.
- logistics & transportation from China to Myanmar/Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines by land transportation,sea,Air.
- border trade logistics & transportation.
- pay customs duty charges.
- customs clearance & customs declaration.
- door to door.
- DDP/EXW/DAF/DDU trade terms.
- pick up from the factory.
- cargo insurance service.
- freight prepaid & freight collect.
- http://www.ingsu.cn
- Skype ID: ruiliang183

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