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shipping services from China to Singapore

Shipping from China to Singapore by sea, including customs clearance, delivery to door service. Our company arranges all procedures for export from China to Singapore, receiving, loading, export in China and customs clearance & customs clearance, delivery to door in Malaysia.
The shipper only needs to provide a cargo list and sender information (either commercial or personal belongings). Accept LCL business to save freight for customers. ingsu logistics company customs clearance in Singapore for customers, but not included GST 7%, no other fees. INGSU logistics delivery to Singapore all Island.
logistics & transportation from China to Myanmar/Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines,
Pay duty charges,
Customs clearance & customs declaration,
Door to door,
DDP/EXW/DAF/DDU trade terms,
Pick up from factory,
shipping, door to door from China to Singapore

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