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China to Myanmar express,ingsu express company
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China to Myanmar express, ingsu express company

China to Myanmar express,ingsu express company.
The following is a simple description on the Myanmar express , hope to help.


1/, From the price point of view,  Compared to the other  international air courier , the ingsu of Myanmar courier price is much cheapness.

2/, The type of transport goods, the ingsu of Myanmar express can transport electronic cigarettes, electrical appliances, daily necessities, parts, electronic products, factory raw materials, batteries, paint, glue, liquid, powder, and other goods.

3/, Because ingsu of myanmar express included  the customs clearance, tariffs, So the consignee does not have to pay any other charges.This is more convenient!

ingsu international logistics (China) co., ltd,
China to Myanmar/Lao/Vietnam/ Cambodia /Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore logistics transportation,
include duty charges,(DDP/DDU)
customs clearance,
delivery to the door,
general trade declaration,export tax rebate.

China to Myanmar Yangon/ muse/ lashio/ mandalay land transportation/Logistics/Express/Air/Sea



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